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We'd recommend you to apply serum, and then then the teca cream before the soothing cream : We hope this helps! Please help! Hi there, thank you for reaching out and for your interest in our products! We apologize for the inconvenience, but may we kindly ask you to reach out to qoo10 with this inquiry with the coupon, as they may be able to better assist you. Thank you for your patience and cooperation, it truly means a lot to us! Best Wishes, xx. Klairs Cushion, whenever is suitable for acne prone oily skin. It won't cause breakouts : Thank you!

Currently we work with SRE. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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We ship to malaysia : Thank you! Yes, you can use mandelic water with those products. Here is the link!

If yes, i did tried but the system does let me attach the discount. Pls check. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change to the unscented version. Hello there, Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in our products. Regarding Moist glow Kit, All of the product are full sized.

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And also, It will be shipped with 2 bottles of mini toner. Hello there, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your inquiry. Yes, it would be more better ,if you store your product in the fridge. We hope this information helped: Thank you! Hello there, Thank you for your reply. We wish you all the best for your skincare joureny. Hi, do you have any product that helps to control oil sebum?

And can I use Vitamin 75 Maximizing cream along with these products? We Do recommend to use Vitamin 75 Maximizing cream along with that package. But, we currently don't make sure to know about oil sebum issue. May we kindly ask for more details? Is there any problem with your oil sebum? Once you clarify, we will be able to proceed you further information. Please get back to us.

Best wishes,. Thanks for the reply. Currently I have combination skin and at times, the oil sebum will trap inside the pores and will become whitehead. Sometimes its not easy to remove at home. Is there any product to control this? Hello there, Thank you for your clarifiaction. Please refer to follwing the link about the product. Hello there, Thanks for reaching out to us.

Could you provide some pictures for clarifying the problem?

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Thanks for your cooperation in advance. Please refer to below our comments for each products in [Moist Glow Kit] 1. Supple Preparation Facial Toner : this toner helps pH level Balance so this won't make your skin oily way. This will be freshly absorbed into your skin. Please note that all products' effect can be differ depends on the skin condition, thus please test first on your wrist or under the jaw before using :.

Hello there, please refer to the website page for more details. All 3 items are full sized products! Thanks :. Vitamin Tree Water Gel. Hi there, Thank you for your interest in our products! Please make all purchases through qoo10, as we are directly unable to modify your order or place the order for you. Sorry what I mean is that is can I use Skinmiso pore corset serum along with these products? How do I use them in sequence?

Hi there, We'd advise you to start with the toner after cleansing. Afterwards, Apply about drops of the Pore Corset Serum onto areas where prominent pores are of concern nose, forehead, cheeks, etc.

If you wish to use the blue calming cream please use that last on the areas that need extra attention. We hope this helps! Hi there, We apologize but we are not clearly understanding your question. What do you mean by capacity, and what is PDT? Thank you in advance for clarifying!

However, i am hesitating with the Gel. Thanks for your interests. Generally, it is not recommended. But the product has less concentration of Niacinamade. So there may be no problem with using this. Even though, if you worry about that, after absorbtion of vitamin c serum, apply water gel. Or, use one in the morning and other one at the night.

Hope this is helpful for your use.

Hi, can i check what products would be suitable for my skin which has dark pigmentation freckles since young on both sides of my cheeks and nose? Also, realised the pores on my cheeks beside my nose are increasingly enlarged with little bumps. Appreciate your advice as I am very interested to try out your products but not sure where to start from!

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Hi there, Thank you for reaching out to us! If your skin is more on the sensitive side, we'd recommend the Moist Glow Kit.

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The Klairs vitamin C drop will help with lightening dark pigmentation and brightening your overall complexion. The vitamin tree water gel contains vitamin E and mixing vitamin E and C together will increase the effectiveness of the Vitamin C. If your skin isn't too sensitive, we'd recommend the Vitamin C For your small bumps, may we ask if is pimples? You may need to exfoliate your skin to unclog your pores and effectively get cleanse your skin from debris. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and we'll be happy to help.

Thanks a lot for your reply! It was very informative. My small bumps are not pimples but look more of oil bumps. Guess I will try exfoliating more. And I've placed my order on the Klairs toner! Excited to try it! Meanwhile I will explore the items you mentioned as well. Also, if there is any thing I have to take note when storing Klairs' products? Hi there, Yes, you can keep vitamin drop in the fridge.

Also, you can store in the room for other klairs products.

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I have acne prone skin. I am currently using the toner, C I would like to try other products as well, but there are simply too many with similar effect to choose from. Do I use both of them? Do I need Moist Rich series? Hi there, If you are acne prone skin, then I think your skin type is oily. Since maxizmizing cream contain higer percentage of vitamin water and cream, I recommend you to use it at night.