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Although stores are under no legal obligation to accept a coupon, a good deal of them have a coupon acceptance policy in place stating that they will accept coupons.

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Corner shops, local other independent stores are unlikely to accept coupons, but there is nothing to lose by asking! If you do have your coupons refused by any of these stores listed below There seems to be a stigma that if staff or stores refuse coupons, then they are being miserable or awkward or have some sort of vendetta against coupons Sadly coupon misredemption and fraud does still happen, which may lead staff or a branch to be cautious over coupon acceptance and to defect from the coupon acceptance policy that the store has.

Constantly changing orders about coupons from team leaders or supervisors can cause confusion too.

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But also consider that it may be a simple misunderstanding by the person on the till, or they may not have received training it the area of processing coupons. The first step to take if you do encounter coupon rejection when you have made a valid coupon related purchase or purchases, is to ask why, and where a store has their coupon acceptance policy in writing, be sure to make them aware of this.

You can also explain where the coupon s are from, that they are genuine. They usually have a better awareness of store policies, and this should correct the issue You could request the senior member of staff or manager to phone head office there and then to clarify the coupon acceptance policy. If not, and they stand their ground in refusing your coupons, make your decision to purchase or not to purchase your shopping, and contact customer services or head office. When contacting the customer services department, head office or CEO of the store concerned, the level of contact that you choose is your choice.

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Always be sure to include the date and time of your visit, the names of staff involved if you can remember, and where a store has their coupon acceptance policy in writing, always cross reference this. You may also want to include the value of coupons, especially if they have expired, and state that you have lost out on this saving. The result will often be an apology, contact with the store concerned to ensure that all staff are aware of their coupon acceptance policy, and they may also be willing to offer you a reimbursement for your unused coupons or gesture of goodwill for your inconvenience, usually in the form of a giftcard.

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Your place to shop Experience major savings with this great deal at morrisons. Act now! No time Choose your favorite items from morrisons. Shop at morrisons. Snatch up your savin It's time to shop at morrisons. Discover the difference at ou Grab this awesome deal while you can at morrisons. A higher f Find amazing items with great prices at morrisons. Morrisons knows how important it is to be able to effortlessly shop for groceries online and enjoy hundreds of great deals without lifting a finger. Before contacting them, you may wish to peruse their Frequently Asked Questions page that encompasses everything from store hours to products currently on offer. Still need to contact them?

Just fill out the form on the Contact Us page to send an email describing your issue.

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You can also call them at for customer service enquiries or for online shopping questions. Although Morrisons already makes it extremely affordable to purchase groceries, there are still some additional ways to save. Check them out below:. Vouchers & Promo Codes

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With grocery delivery straight to your door, it's easy to get all your food without the hassle. Go to Groceries. But before you purchase, make sure to grab some Morrisons voucher codes and Morrisons promo codes. You can feed your family without going to the supermarket, and don't start planting a garden.